DATE: September 8, 2021

TIME: 1800


Quorum is present

Meeting opened by Commander Sotirkys at 6:00 pm

Chaplain Blake offered an opening prayer

Minutes from August meeting read and approved.

Finance Report read and approved

Chaplains Report

We have lost 2 members Ronnie Smith and Bryan Jones.

-The post has purchased sympathy, get well & blank cards.  Will get those dropped off to Chaplain.

Can we type up a request form/letter for the local funeral homes for us to be notified of Veteran deaths in the county.

Service Officer Report

-We have jumped 5% in income for VA disability.  This is money coming into the county via purchases in the local community.

Is there anything that can be done to facilitate or assist with getting the Disability process?

            Send them to Thomas for assistance.

District and Division Reports shared by Commander (minutes for both attached)

-Department wants to know what events we are getting involved in.  This includes community events that we are involved in. 

Committee Reports

Hilton O’Neil has volunteered to be our Baseball Committee Chairman

The District Oratorical Chairman is working to revitalize the District Oratorical Chairman

-We need to get the Oratorical information from department and sent to the local schools.

            -if we have interest from students we will need to a competition organized and held.

Old Business

First Responder Breakfast-October 23rd; 9-11

            -Who is helping with cooking?

                        -Rebecca, Gladys, Thomas & Pete helping cook

                        -Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and/or sausage

            -Who is helping with delivery?


            -Do we need to buy ‘to-go’ containers. (Sams has 125 for $12.54)

                        -We need to buy 2 packages of containers and cutlery.

                        -We need to type a letter and get out to all the organizations.  Get an idea of how many will come pick up meals and how many will need to be delivered.  Add in a no later then response by date October 10th.

We can deliver to Morehead City, available for all other cities in the county to come by and pick up.

Bob Pyer motioned to spend no more then $2,000 for the meal and supplies.  Thomas seconded.  Motioned passed.

Stand Down 

            -September 30th-

            -If you need a flyer to help spread the word let John know and he will email one out.

Is anyone interested in joining a committee to help brainstorm ideas of how to bring in membership of younger members.

            -Thomas Turner volunteered to help.

            -David Schaffer recommended starting an Instagram page.

New Business

Next District meeting October 16th at post 539.  Lunch at noon, meeting at 1.

Cruzin 4 Careerz

            -September 25th

            -Need volunteers

Department Convention October 28-30th

October 30th

            -Camp Albemarle Fall Festival

            -We have a table from 3-7

            -Need volunteers

Good of the Legion

The new, Vice President and VCCC Coordinator is John Sotirkys

Parade Update

-3 planning meetings left.  The next is September 21st.

-10 handheld radios are being donated by Don (with VCCC)

            -He needs to know how many we need.

No further business to come before the meeting.

Closing prayer given by Chaplain.

Meeting adjourned at 7:26.


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